Acharya Anju Bisht

Varahamihira: There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.

female astrologer acharya anju negi

“Astrology pictures the web of life. Make your choices using Astrology. Making choices without knowing abilities, one is not choosing but reacting. Troubles are like rain and Astrology provides an umbrella. What Astrology offers, can’t be measured. If planets govern life, Astrology manages them.
Those who want to see, Astrology is a lens. One has to participate to see through it”.

Acharya ANJU NEGI has experience of more than 20 years in reading planetary position, interpreting the, visualising the possibilities and providing guidance.  She is well versed with Parashari, KP Method, Nakshtra Nadi, Prashna, Jaimini, Lal Kitab and Tajik systems of Astrology. She solves problems with the help of dream analysis also. She is blessed with strong intuitive powers and is able to understand her counselled predicament even before it is said. She is helping people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Her practice as a well learned and highly intuitive astrologer, her being qualified in clinical psychology and her experience as a journalist with Aaj Tak News Channel for more than a decade makes her perfect life coach who is able to guide during difficult times and can help you find purpose and meaning when lost. She also guides how to make the best of the good time as your present life and actions will determine your future.

Today’s actions (karma) are tomorrow’s destiny (karma). Some of today’s actions may impact destiny in future life. Some of today’s actions may modify destiny for tomorrow (in this life itself!). Destiny places you in different situations. What you do in those situations depends upon how you are able to use your available free will. In some cases, free will has a lot of options and, in some cases, it has fewer options. Most of the time you have several options that may or may not be obvious for you to see. The Sanskrit word for destiny is karma and the Sanskrit word for action is also karma. Actions (Karmas) of today become Destiny (Karmas) of tomorrow, this birth, or the next birth. You will get a reaction in the future to your current actions and destiny is the sum total of those actions that will come back to you. Astrology diagnoses scientifically how the law of cause and effect applies to human actions and lives. There is nothing as predestined happening without cause. It’s a karmic cycle we are living in. Career, Finance, Education, Marriage, Match Making, Love and Relationship, Children, Adolescent Issues, Health (Physical and Psychological), Travel, Psychic Intuition, Passion, Purpose, Friendships, and Spiritual Path and Growth are all part of the Wheel of Life as seen through astrology which is a treasure map given by the universe to help in life.

Acharya Anju Negi, the famous female Astrologer for Career Counseling

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