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“Astrology pictures the web of life. Make your choices using Astrology. Making choices without knowing abilities, one is not choosing but reacting. Troubles are like rain and Astrology provides an umbrella. What Astrology offers, can’t be measured. If planets govern life, Astrology manages them.
Those who want to see, Astrology is a lens. One has to participate to see through it”.

ANJU BISHT is a “GOLD MEDALIST” from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan an is titled with Jyotish Acharya. She is one of the very best female astrologers in Delhi. She is having an experience of almost 20 years in astrology or we may rephrase this by saying 20 years of exclusive experience in reading the planetary position and giving accurate prediction and guidance to her clients.

The best part is that Jyotish Acharya ANJU BISHT is M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology which helps her in understanding the core problem or the exact query which her clients are asking because sometimes it happens that the person in pain is so much confused that he/she doesn’t know that what exactly to ask. She is helping people from different walks of life. Being a famous female astrologer, she is not only guiding people from Delhi but also providing remedies to people form any part of INDIA. Her astrological predictions regarding Career, Finance, business, health, love and relationships, marriage, overseas settlement are so much accurate that She is well acknowledged in Countries like US, AUSTRALIA, and DUBAI.

Anju Bisht The Famous Lady Astrologer

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